Artist Bio

Megan is an independent artist based in a small seaside town in Devon. Since childhood she has grown a passion for drawing, which has steadily bloomed into a small professional business after creating her first commission in 2018. 

Within her art studio she creates unique artwork for clients requesting bespoke pet portraits as one-off commissions, while also creating highly detailed prints inspired by her interests in film, music and television.

Mainly working with watercolour paints and coloured pencils, Megan is known to often dip into other mediums and experiment to with her style and creativity. From a young age Megan has worked hard to grow her skill and abilities, constantly striving to improve the accuracy of her pieces.

Her favourite challenge is accomplishing the realism in her work which is reflected particularly in the quality of her animal portraits, using tiny details and multiple layers to create lifelike detail and character. In 2022 Megan opened an Etsy store to sell a variety of prints, which can now be viewed and purchased here on the website shop.

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Although the primary focus for Megan’s art is based on physical hand-made commissions and pop culture prints, Megan also uses Procreate to create digital artwork. With varied style and skills, Megan has proven to be able to create stunning artwork on both screen and paper. Megan is always welcome to enquiries for commission work and subject suggestions. please use the contact section to get in touch! 

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