Highly detailed A5 & A6 prints inspired by pop culture, film and television. Available to order direct from the artist.

Here you will find a selection of Megan’s currently available prints. There is a good variety made from daily inspiration from the media and music that Megan is currently enjoying, or the wildlife and scenery she has seen.

The predominant medium used is watercolour and ink, creating vibrant and highly detailed prints available for you to buy. I don’t like to hold myself to one medium, my prints are created from in the the moment strikes of inspiration, so you will find a mix of painted, penciled and digital art.

New Prints available

Ink Pointillism Series

Prints now available of one of Megan’s most challenging series of works yet.

These were created as part of a series using a challenging and time consuming process of dot work in black ink. This is a new technique that differs from Megan’s usual style, but the result has been a beautiful series of drawings. 

Drawings will slowley be released from the collection over the coming months.

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